A New Home for the Nitrous Effect Agency Collective

By November 6, 2019 Evntiv., Venue Envy

Evntiv is proud to announce we are expanding and moving our office… and we are not alone! The Nitrous Effect™ agency collective, of which Evntiv is a member, is doubling its commitment to downtown St. Louis with a major expansion to the St. Louis Place building at 200 N. Broadway. Evntiv, CPG Agency, UPBrand and Vidzu Media will all make the move to the new location. The remaining Nitrous Effect™ agency, Geniecast, will remain and expand in its current location at 555 Washington.

All of the Nitrous Effect™ agencies have experienced robust growth in the last five years, demanding more space. After a year-long search of multiple sites across the region, we chose to move deeper into downtown, more than doubling our original space to nearly 35,000 square feet and allowing for continued growth at 200 N. Broadway. Evntiv, CPG Agency and Vidzu Media will share the 14th floor of the new building, while UPBrand will occupy the 15th floor. The new space will allow for the addition of up to 50 new jobs in the future.