Better Visibility for Your Event Sponsors

By January 5, 2014 November 9th, 2022 Event Trend

Giving event sponsors their due recognition is important to building, and keeping, sponsor relationships.  Let’s face it; many of the events we know and love would not exist without sponsors and their dollars! For years, event producers have resorted to the “slide show” of logos and names cobbled together in a PowerPoint format and showed on the two ever-present outboard screens flanking the stage. Uh, bohhhhrinnng. Time for a new approach!

Instead, try a customized video loop of sponsors placed strategically in a high traffic location. Our favorite spot to showcase sponsors is at the bar- especially when there is a que to get a drink. By using 60” LCD monitors or a video screen in a decorative way behind a bar, you can highlight sponsors with a vibrant “eye candy” video that matches the theme and tone of the event.

Take a look at some of the sponsor loops we have created in partnership with our sister company Vidzu Media.
These loops are inexpensive to create and look way more professional than a PowerPoint slide show. For more information on cost, CONTACT US!