Design Trend: Gold On Gold On Gold

By December 6, 2013 October 17th, 2022 Event Trend, Evntiv.

2013 will definitely be remembered as the year bold color made a comeback (blog post on COLOR!). The most requested color of 2013 / 2014… Gold! Maybe it is the wave of 50th Anniversary Events or maybe the lush, rich texture of gold is making its way back from the vault- no matter, gold is so hot this year it’s melting!

For event designers, gold may be used to convey tradition and reserved luxury with complimentary colors such as violet, blue and black. Gold can also be sassy and irreverent with flashy metallic, mirrors and loud patterns. We believe the best approach to designing with gold, as a palette is to use a layered approach with texture. Simple lighting can bring out brilliance with fabrics and metallic accents.

Don’t be shy, layer it! Gold on gold on gold!