Evntiv Brings Bold Design to Opera Theater

By May 4, 2015 November 26th, 2019 Event Trend, Evntiv.

Evntiv created a dramatic ceiling treatment for Opera Theater of St. Louis’s 40th Anniversary Gala.

St. Louis-based Evntiv, offered a bold design for Opera Theater of St. Louis’s 40th Anniversary Gala appropriately titled Avante-garde! The event took place at a private estate in Town & Country, Missouri on a massive outdoor pavilion.

To bring the Avant-garde theme to life, the Evntiv team used bold, black and white linens mixed with bright pops of canary yellow and hot magenta tones. These colors were the perfect contrast to the natural, green surroundings.

The cornerstone of the design was a massive 36ft long by 20ft wide ceiling treatment comprised of approximately 14,000 strands of iridescent white fabric. The fabric strands were hand ripped to cause imperfections and crinkling and then attached one at a time to the ceiling of the pavilion. After all the strands were hung, a team of designers hand cut a “wave” shape into the fabric strands. The result was a dramatic, abstract chandelier effect.

Evntiv was responsible for the concept, creative design, audio, lighting, decor and event staffing for the Avante-garde! Gala.