Hot Entertainment: Les Oiseaux du Paradis

By August 25, 2011 August 31st, 2018 Evntiv., Hot Entertainment

Since 1999, Les Oiseaux Du Paradis (LODP) has delivered over 700 incomparable Aerial Ballet performances for private audiences at exclusive events around the world.

Inspired by the graceful geometry of the Bird of Paradise flower, LODP has developed a breathtaking suite of intricately choreographed aerial pas-de-deux combining gravity-defying arabesques, tour-de-force ascensions and flowing dance elements that unfold dramatically over the spellbound audience.

LODP has devoted its professional expertise to design harmonious, exquisite and high style presentations for the enjoyment and amazement of select audiences in intimate settings. They have won numerous international awards, including the International Innovation Prize / Best of Variety in Germany.

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