Hot Trend: Color Blocking

By December 6, 2012 August 31st, 2018 Event Trend, Sam Foxman

Colorblock 1

By Sam Foxman

Color blocking has been the trend-de-jour this year for event designers. Color blocking refers to the use of complimentary colors in close proximity of each other to create a multi-dimensional look. This technique can be used with fabrics, paint and lighting.

When I was given the honor of designing a gala in a new museum (so new, that no artwork was to be hung…), I jumped at the chance to use the blank walls as a massive canvass for a color block design. Drawing inspiration from a multi-color Gerhard Richter painting and my deep admiration of light artist Dan Flavin, I assigned primary hues to each adjacent room  allowing them to converge. Depending on your vantage point, the color mix is different allowing a fun sensory experience!

Colorblock 5

Colorblock 4

Color blocking is a great technique for large spaces that have adjoining rooms. The lighting palette is endless and can be supported with complimentary fabric, table design, furniture – even color coordinated greeters!


I worked closely with my colleagues, Jennifer and Brian from Contemporary Productions, to make this design come to life. The result was absolutely stunning and a fabulous way to showcase a new space!


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