“In Our Element” at the Saint Louis Science Center

The 2019 BAM + Loring Ward Advisor National Conference (BANC) experience will come to life through the exploration of the dual meanings of the concept of ‘chemistry’ in our business: a science and an art.

We’ve long relied on the phrase “The Science of Investing” to describe the foundational investment philosophy upon which advisors build their businesses, but the scientific approach extends far beyond portfolio construction. Just like a chemist in a lab, it’s an advisor’s mission to come up with a unique formula for each client—the right solution of investments, planning, taxes, and more that will help make achieving financial goals possible.

The second cocktail party for the BAM “In Our Element” conference was held at the Saint Louis Science Center. Guests we are able to enjoy all the activities and education the Science Center could provide. Special demonstrations were performed to show off fun experiments with nitrogen, electricity and more. We even had special guests Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin to enjoy the evening.