Loopd: Wearable Event Tech

By November 16, 2014 November 9th, 2022 Event Tech, Event Trend

As technology gets increasingly better, smaller and faster… it will permeate even further into our everyday lives. Even our wardrobes! Loopd is a system that uses Bluetooth beacons to provide a variety of location-tracking tools for event planners and attendees. Beacons placed around the event communicate with chips the attendees wear on a lanyard. As guests visit exhibitor booths, attend education sessions, and meet other attendees, the system tracks those movements and saves the information.

At any time, guests can log into the Loopd app to see a history of those interactions, as well as receive marketing materials from exhibitors they visited. Booth staff also receive traffic information and can follow up with attendees. For networking, users can tap their badges together to share their contact information; otherwise, the system will automatically collect data when two people are standing near each other for a predetermined amount of time. Planners receive real-time information about traffic flow and also data regarding retention, engagement, dwell time, and amount of connections made for attendees and exhibitors.