SSM Health Foundation – HOPE BLOOMS

We were honored to help create an inspiring virtual gala for SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis. HOPE BLOOMS celebrated community, compassion and conviction and benefits SSM Health Cancer Care and SLU Cancer Care across the region. The gala featured a three course meal delivered to attendees, Jazz performance, messaging from SSM leadership, a speed painter and fantastic auction items.

Proceeds from the gala will benefit SSM Health Cancer Care efforts across the St. Louis, St. Charles, and Metro East regions. The gala’s theme was a reflection of both the spirit of shared hope that we have witnessed in our communities this year and the healing power of hope for SSM Health cancer care patients. SSM Health has recognized a substantial need to support these efforts throughout its St. Louis hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, when regular appointments are more important than ever and the immunocompromised face additional risk. The escalating need to provide safe health care to the immunocompromised, along with an increase in the demand for innovative treatment options, has created an opportunity to rise to the occasion and to provide funding for programs such as clinical trials, impactful patient-centered programs, cutting-edge technologies, and more. Now is the time to help hope bloom for those in the community who are living with cancer.