We Heart Eventbrite!

By March 27, 2013 October 18th, 2022 Event Tech

Every now and then you stumble upon a product or service that is so good, you just want to profess your love for it to everyone you know. Maybe even marry it…. Well that’s a bit dramatic, but not too far off! Eventbrite is one of those services.

With over 100 million tickets sold and over $1.5 billion in gross ticket sales, Eventbrite is on its way to become the market’s premier independent ticketing service.  Launched in 2006 Eventbrite has exponentially increased revenue and visibility to the public.

The service has made such great strides, because they are in the game to help provide a simple service for professional planners and amateur planners alike.  That is why they offer tools to make selling tickets to any type of event easy, whether it’s a small photography class or a sold out concert.  Eventbrite has made it almost effortless to bring people together for your special event, and people everywhere are searching their website everyday to find an event that matters to them…  Feel those walls closing in Ticketmaster?

Check it out a eventbrite.com