BaNC National Conference

The 2019 BAM + Loring Ward Advisor National Conference (BANC) experience came to life through the exploration of the dual meanings of the concept of ‘chemistry’ in our business: a science and an art.

Chemistry—you certainly know it when you see it on the screen: the cast of “Ocean’s 11,” Jim and Pam in “The Office,” Amy Pohler and Tina Fey in, well, anything. Chances are you know it when you see it at work, too – the chemistry advisors have with their clients, their teams and the strategic partners they rely on to help their business thrive. That chemistry is an essential part of their success and satisfaction as professionals and people. Throughout the conference we’ll explore the importance of the relationships advisors have with all of their constituents, and why deliberately seeking out good “chemistry” when it comes to those we work with is the key to success.

Two-day conference with a spectacular general session space featured an 80ft curved LED wall featuring lush motion graphics and video. The two-day conference was also host to special guest speaker, Bill Nye.